Dave Atwell

Bio: Dave is originally from Washington D.C. and moved around a lot due to being a part of a Marine Corp family.  In 1983, his parents were stationed in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and Dave has been there since.

After nearly thirty years in managing grocery/retail stores, he began to write.  He always had a passion for writing but rarely had time to do it.  Historical fiction, horror, westerns and suspense have always been his favorite topics to write about.  He has written several stories that have never made print.

Dave’s series, Rotting Frontier, taking from all four genres, follows a stranded family in the plains of the Dakota Territory, in 1866.  They soon discover a curse that is ravaging the plains, known as the Hunger.

When he’s not writing, Dave is into sports, attending cons with his family, embracing his inner nerd while enjoying the benefits of living in coastal North Carolina.  He often says that North Carolina is the greatest state to live in if you’re a geek.

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