Dragon Con 2016 Special – Updated!

We’re headed to DragonCon, and to celebrate geekdom and Labor Day, if you use DCon2016, you can get Gnomebody’s Business for Free at http://www.infinitylimitedgroup.com/downloads/gnomebodys-business/

But there’s more! If you use the same code DCon2016, you get 25% off ALL titles at http://www.infinitylimitedgroup.com/authors/ from James P. McDonald and Calandra Usher!

Offer good through September 18, 2016!


Made it home from Dragoncon to find out a ghost in the machine had fun with the giveaway! So now, you can use code DCon2016 to get Gnomebody’s Business AND Home Summonings # 1 Bound and Hagged for FREE until 9/18, and 25% off everything else with the code Dcon25!

See you next year, if not sooner!





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